Welcome CIWY Party


mercredi, mai 31


Les Piaules
59 boulevard de Belleville - Paris, France


7:30 - 11:30




Peggy de Ciwy

Ambassador's event

Hey guys, this event's booking deadline is past. Try to subscribe to an other event and meet an other Ambassador.


The Welcome Party is the best way to join the CIWY community and feel part of it. We are Parisians, we love our city and we want to share all our best insiders tips with you during a friendly evening. Make your stay in Paris becomes a real parisian experience.

Wednesday is the middle of the week and it’s the time to have a beer and meet new friends. It’s our day to enjoy and chill in a great atmosphere.

We’re doing it in “Les Piaules”. Les Piaules is one of the best bars in Paris to have a Made in Paris’ beer, a relaxing moment in great sofas, a great souvenir in fact!
Parisians and CIWY Ambassadors are pleased to welcome you … And maybe you would like to be an entire member of the CIWY community and becoming an CIWY Ambassador in your city… 🙂

Meet The World with CIWY!


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