Sciences festival by Baptiste

You can also learn lot of things during your stay

« As I studied as an engineer, I had to propose to you this event which ends on October 9. The entry is free and it is ideal for families. You could see plenty of films, documentaries, animations etc. I especially recommend it,  that it could be rainy on thursday, so here is an alternative plan of a walk in Paris  » Baptiste

More informations

Muséum – Auditorium / Salle 1 > Entrée par le 36 rue Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire

Muséum – Grand Amphithéâtre / Salle 2 > Entrée par le 57 rue Cuvier

IPGP – Amphithéâtre / Salle 3 > Entrée face au 47 rue Cuvier

Le Grand Action / Salle 4 > 5 rue des écoles

Metro station Gare d’Austerlitz

Here the program